E6000 - 109ml Industrial Strength Adhesive

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Gem Glue
Multi purpose adhesive that dries clear. Drying time for maximum strength 24-48hrs. Waterproof and flexible on drying. . . . read more

Selected Colour/Flavour: Clear in Colour

Selected Size/Selection: 109ml

Clear in Colour : 109ml
1 Tube
$18.00 (AUD)



Product Details

Popular E-6000 Jewellery and Craft Adhesive comes in a convenient single-use packaging makes beading, jewellery making and other applications easier.

Easy squeeze tubes are ideal for quick project with a removable nozzle.

Overall strength - High bond

Glue is flexible and waterproof once dry. Use on any project that doesn't require a quick drying time.
Because this glue dries relatively slow, you will need to clamp your project in place so the glue can set properly.
Apply a thin coat to both surfaces, wait ten minutes and press both surfaces together.
use in a well ventilated area.

Drying time
24 - 48 hours for maximum strength. Clear but slightly cloudy when dry.

What is it used for
Adheres to more surfaces than any other adhesive on the market. It has exceptional adhesion to Wood, Metal, Glass, Fiberglass, Ceramics, Leather, Rubber, Vinyl and Plastics.
Perfect for adhesion to items subject to vibration. I.e Jewellery Designs.

Perfect for use on non hot fix rinestones and diamontes.