5 pcs Extra Short Peacock Feathers Pink #2081

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One Size
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5 pc's Extra Short Peacock Feathers

Natural Feathers

Colour Fast

Each feather will vary between 28cm - 30cm

Can be used on Hats, Hand Made Jewellery, Cloaks, Headdress, Carnival Costumes, Boho Jewellery, Feather Skirts, Burlesque Costumes, Ballroom Dancing Dresses, Dreamcatchers and more.

Sold in a pack of 5

Please Note:
All our feathers are ethicly sourced. We do not condone animal cruelty.
These feathers are a bi-product of food supply. No animals are harmed JUST for their fearthers.
We travel to hand pick all our feathers from a trusted supplier...not ordered randomly.