Black Diamond Light

AMAZING QUALITY Glitz & glamour formal dresses, sunglasses, dance costumes, wedding invitations, head bands, phone covers, nails, shoes - the list is endless Can be applied using a hotfix wand or glued using E6000 adhesive. . . . read more

Selected Colour/Flavour: Clear Crystal

Selected Size/Selection: SS34

Clear Crystal : SS34
144 Pieces
$20.00 (AUD)



Product Details

Hotfix Crystal 

Hot fix crystals will add the perfect bling to your costumes or creative project.

Hot Fix Crystals can be used on almost any surface. 
Most popular for dance costumes, wedding dresses, shoes, phone covers, clothing, scrapbooking or anything that needs a bit of blinging up.

Hotfix crystals already have glue on the flat base for a no mess application.
Heat can be applied using hot fix wand.

Lay your project out flat on a stable area. Make sure area is heat-resistant.

If area you are adding diamantes to is clothing, place a piece of baking paper between the layers to stop the glue from attaching to the other layer of material.

Lay diamantes out into your chosen design with the glue side down. Do small areas at a time so they don't move around.

Place Hot Fix Wand on top of the crystals for appox 8-10 seconds or 15 - 20 seconds if using an iron.

If you are using an iron, make sure the iron is set to the correct temperature of your garment requirments. Lower iron setting is recommended. Do a test first.